Over the past few days, there has been a massive backlash over WhatsApp’s updated privacy policy in India, becoming a matter of concern for the instant messaging giant and prompting it to issue full front-page ads on all major newspapers in the country.

WhatsApp’s front page ads clearly indicate how…

The Corporate world took well over the past century to come up with the quintessential office, and it took a pandemic somewhere less than half a year to unravel the known, tried, and tested.

Remote Work became the sole savior to keep companies up and running. As jarring as this…

Pesto Team at our base. Andrew Linfoot is missing, he was working remote ;)

How I started a school so these people would not end up as dropouts.

I grew up in a typical Indian middle class family. When I was a kid, I read books about Steve Jobs and dreamed of visiting Silicon Valley and the Golden Gate bridge.

I started teaching myself graphic design, creating websites and pitching everyone on my latest “startup.” …

When you decide to work on a business that didn’t even exist before you got the idea of building it is no easy task. Running a business is tough but building it from scratch is even more challenging.

I’ve spend the last few years either building startups or helping others to build one. I came across many common mistakes that startups make.

Here are 7 common mistakes startups make:

1. Building the product in a cave.

As founders, we always want our customers to be happy with the product. They think of a problem and…

Ayush Jaiswal

I love solving hard problems. Democratizing opportunities for developers at pesto.tech

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