Over-communicating is the key to working remotely in order to be productive but over-working is not. Sadly, the lines between office space and personal space get blurred and remote workers find it difficult to strike a balance between the two.

This, in turn, has a negative impact on both their professional and personal life, which ranges from being unable to focus on struggling to sleep. Further, the lack of physical presence of managers clubbed with the comforts of working remotely requires remote workers to make conscious efforts to ensure the same levels of productivity as their on-site counterparts.

For people…

Over the past few days, there has been a massive backlash over WhatsApp’s updated privacy policy in India, becoming a matter of concern for the instant messaging giant and prompting it to issue full front-page ads on all major newspapers in the country.

WhatsApp’s front page ads clearly indicate how the giant is scared of losing one of its largest consumer base in the world. Imagine waking up to a day where you won’t be receiving ‘Good Morning’ messages on your family WhatsApp groups, no matter how cringe-worthy they are. …

The Corporate world took well over the past century to come up with the quintessential office, and it took a pandemic somewhere less than half a year to unravel the known, tried, and tested.

Remote Work became the sole savior to keep companies up and running. As jarring as this transition has been for the employed and their employers, the new normal of work from home comes with a fair set of realizations, starting with a universally felt sentiment:

The truth comes out. #NewYorkerCartoons. newyorkermag

I first got to know about Remote work in 2017 when I visited the US for a conference. After reading the…

Pesto Team at our base. Andrew Linfoot is missing, he was working remote ;)

How I started a school so these people would not end up as dropouts.

I grew up in a typical Indian middle class family. When I was a kid, I read books about Steve Jobs and dreamed of visiting Silicon Valley and the Golden Gate bridge.

I started teaching myself graphic design, creating websites and pitching everyone on my latest “startup.” For years, I spent my nights and weekends studying to get into engineering school.

I showed up to my JEE test center to take my exams, surrounded by thousands of other kids like me. I was confident that I would get into IIT, I had been preparing for this my whole life.

Selection comes around, I didn’t get in.


When you decide to work on a business that didn’t even exist before you got the idea of building it is no easy task. Running a business is tough but building it from scratch is even more challenging.

I’ve spend the last few years either building startups or helping others to build one. I came across many common mistakes that startups make.

Here are 7 common mistakes startups make:

1. Building the product in a cave.

As founders, we always want our customers to be happy with the product. They think of a problem and try to make what they think is “the most probable solution.” With time, they often get obsessed with their product. This increases their rigidity towards change.

The assumptions they make gives them the illusion that they’re working on a big problem. They think that their product is the right thing…

Have you ever felt like not sleeping at the end of the day because you just realised that another 24 hours have passed and you think of doing all the tasks that was scheduled for today, well tomorrow.

That feeling to having 0 seconds to do the same tasks for which you had lot’s of time is terrible but how can we really make the most of time?

This happens when you don’t use your time smartly and slowly it get’s out of your control like a free bird. There’s only one way to make the most of the limited…

Ayush Jaiswal

I love solving hard problems. Democratizing opportunities for developers at pesto.tech

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