21 Tools to boost your productivity while working remotely

1. Roam Research

Note-taking is absolutely necessary for your own productivity. When you’re in the office, there’s some sense of social accountability but when you go remote, you have to be a pro at self-accountability. Having a to-do list goes a long way in helping you with that.

2. Clickup

Clickup is an advanced project management tool that has become my go-to place for everything. It eliminates the need of using separate apps by placing everything at one place so that you have a bird’s eye view of what’s happening and where.

3. Taskade

Taskade is another tool that is mainly used as a to-do list but it offers so much more. Taking a spot in your browser, it allows your team to do pretty much everything. You can manage and collaborate on task lists, do quick video calls, and even do product management.

4. Monday

Monday is one of my current favorite project management tools. It is fairly advanced as compared to other tools in the market and is well suited for large teams working on complex projects.

5. Mindmeister

Mindmeister is a tool to create mind maps and collaborate with teams efficiently over that. It’s useful when you’re trying to create a strategy or want to brainstorm.

6. Zapier

When it comes to making our life easier and saving time, Zapier takes the top spot. Zapier allows you to automate workflows across different tools without writing a single line of code! It’s a habit that we all should have.

7. fyi

Finding files (and their multiple versions!) that keep getting shared between remote teams and that too on multiple platforms can be irksome. But with fy i, you can find any documents in 3 clicks or less!

8. Rescue Time

Rescue time is my go-to place when I feel that I need to be more disciplined or need to be at my best during Code Red.

9. Toggl

If you are an employer, Toggl is one of the best tools out there to ensure your employee’s work-life balance and also finding out which of your team members can get work done under pressure. It’s a simple time tracking tool that also acts as a productivity booster.

10. Figure it Out

For people who are employed by global companies (as is the case with many people working remotely), working from different time zones can be quite challenging. It is possible that your peers are free and hanging out while you are busy working till 11/12 in the night.

11. Superhuman

Superhuman is the new mail. If you’re someone who has to answer 40–60 emails a day or more, I would highly recommend you to go for Superhuman. It helps you answer emails at lightning speed and ‘You’ve hit Inbox Zero’ feels like a great achievement.

12. Hey

Hey is here to completely transform your email experience. It offers an interesting approach to how you receive and view emails and lets you sort your emails into the ones you need to respond to and the ones you just need to read. It also has an inbuilt file viewer to keep track of all your files and gives you the option to ‘Reply Later’ to mails.

13. Mixmax

Mixmax is a Gmail-based email automation tool that helps in tracking the performance of bulk emails that are sent.

14. Krisp

When you or someone on your team is working remotely, they might be working from a cafe, a coworking space, etc. Sometimes, background noises from these places disturb others when you are on a conference call with your team and it becomes annoying to an extent.

15. Noisli

Noisli is an elegant and minimal tool that provides background noise to help you focus better on whether you are working or studying.

16. Pocket

Distractions on the internet are many, especially those interesting articles, videos, or quizzes that you see on social media that turn out to be quite engaging and disrupt the workflow. How about you save them for later?

17. Loom

Loom is the fastest way for you to create screen recordings along with your video explaining any topic. This is a great way to tackle that yearning for human connections and team culture that remote workers develop.

18. Gather

Missing your office buddies and all the hanging out together? With Gather, you can create a virtual space for all of your friends and colleagues to come together and host a party, or you can all sit by a campfire and watch your favorite movies together.

19. Monosnap

Monosnap is a wonderful tool to help you communicate with images. It helps you doodle with images and add context to screenshots and share them instantly.

20. Bubbles

Bubbles is a very useful tool for asynchronous collaboration that allows you to give detailed feedback on screenshots. In short, it makes contextual collaboration simpler.

21. 1Password

I still regret that I took so long to adopt this tool. It costs $1 but adds so much value to your organization. Managing passwords is not easy, especially when you need to keep complex passwords for security and share it with many people in the org.



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